Good Beer

One GOOD BEER is two beers.

One: "unfiltered" is a straight lager with a rich body and a Pilsner tendency because of its flavorful hops bitterness.

No filtration for more flavor but still very clear.

Good vibes & drinkability! 

Two: "dryhopped" is one´s sister with additional hops during fermentation. Bitterness goes fruity – rich body goes soft & narrow.

Still a lager beer with all its modesty and drinkability. You will not die trying and be satisfied by just one. No!

A craft beer for lager lovers!

Mista Callista - Spezial

Tradition meets modern style

Our collaboration brew with Mahr´s Bräu Bamberg (a traditional German brewery)

constitutes our friendship to show that tradition and new style belong together:

The outcome is a traditional German lager: a Helles – brewed with a new craft beer style hop: the Callista.

Girls´ favorite. Just yummy!



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Tiny Batch

•  handmade
•  drinkability
•  special
•  everything starts tiny